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Boutique investment
firm specializing in diverse range of healthcare investment & supply-chain finance.

We have been a proud partner
of highly complex game changing ventures in healthcare  infrastructure, research & development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, education, nursing and ambulatory services.  

Funds are injected through one or more of our partner banks that act as fund advisers of sources of funds. ​Parkland generally takes no form of security over an asset, which normally means no mortgage, charge, loan or lien.

Electronic Chip

Parkland differs from most treasury firms by providing competitive, long term, passive funding - rather than short term debt-funded investments followed by healthcare asset sale or refinancing.

  • Having higher yield expectations and a moderately low cost of capital, through mid -term investment model.

  • Providing fixed terms and yields over the investment term.

  • Security on assets normally not being required; and;

  • Taking no part in asset management decisions.

Petri Dish

We focus on funding health care services, facilities, manufacturing of high-tech medical devices, equipment, hospital supplies, medical insurance, supply-chain finance, logistics, managed care such as aged care, retirement care and long care.

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